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Transport System for Seedling and Clone Delivery

Our new transport System is a very secure high capacity racking system that holds trays of seedlings and clones in your delivery vehicle. Upon arrival at your customer’s location each high capacity rack easily disassembles with each level becoming a long flat wheel barrel. Now you can roll {need number} plants at your customer’s desired location. Lift the handles upward as you slowly walk backwards and presto you have delivered a perfect row of cell flats.

  • Rapid delivery means more stops per day.
  • More delivery stops mean more revenue!
  • Sturdy engineering for long life.
  • Reduces bending and stooping injuries.
  • Optimized for 10in. x 20in.

High Capacity Rack

Each shelf a Delivery System

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Gorilla Bucker

Our market research indicated that folks are wanting a more powerful design to stand up to the rigors of big biomass Industrial Hemp Harvests. The workloads associated with the larger acreage of Hemp need a ‘Beast’ of a machine so stay tuned for the debut of our double station monster… The Gorilla Bucker.

Clone Field Light

Clones from female plants are the perfect solution for farmers who want to eliminate the need to cull males and hermaphroditic females. One pollen sack can cause devastate an entire field.

More and more, many savvy farmers are recognizing that clones are the only surefire way to eliminate inadvertent pollination.  A higher investment cost of clones is cheap insurance against the disaster of pollination and the cost of culling males.

Clones do however come with an issue which arises from the propagation of clones with a lighting schedule of 18 hrs. of light & 6 hrs. darkness. This regimen is necessary to keep the production of clones efficient. If planted too early spring the clones are likely to shift into premature flowering (this effect is somewhat strain dependent). The lengthening of the dark period is the trigger for transitioning from the vegetative state to flowering.

This effect has a proven solution. If the dark period is interrupted half-way thru the night by a short exposure to light the plant will then recognize this event as ‘daylight’ thus the long night becomes 2 short nights[1]. Now the Clone Field Light will extend the vegetative state for as long as practicable.


All cloning systems for Cannabis Sativa L are used to develop roots on freshly taken clipping from donner female plants known as mothers. In this way you reproduce genetically identical female plants.

The existing technology for aeroponic cloning devices automatically delivers nutrients to the bottom of the clippings to develop a root system for the cuttings which are suspended from the top of the cloner.  Roots are developed by periodically spraying the lower rooting portion of the cut stem with fine droplets of nutrient solution. Typically, the spray applied for about one minute at a rate of four times per hour. The spray application delivers nutrients and maintains hydration for the developing root mass. The period between the application of the nutrient solution provides for maximum oxygenation of the developing root mass. The tops of the plants are illuminated with an 18 hour ‘lights on’ period and a ‘lights off’ dark period of 6 hours for the 24-hr. cycle.

More Clones

How do we do that?

We offer a 4-deck cloner with 3,072 plant sites in a 4’2” x 8’ 7” (just under 36 square feet). This gives an unprecedented clone yield of just over 85 clones per square foot of floor space. Other configurations including veg decks….and yes, we easily can make them bigger!

Faster Clones

This really works:

The lighting efficiency is improved by an automated light height adjustment system to keep the lights at the optimum distance from the plants for faster growth and it eliminates tedious labor.

Our nano-particle nutrient uptake enhancer accelerates growth so that many strains are rooted and ready to transplant into our vegetation unit in 7 days. Plant growth is also accelerated by employing foliar feeding.

Foliar feeding has major advantages. Most experienced cloners proscribe the use of diluted nutrients. Because of root to shoot competition slows nutrient uptake. With-out any root structure access to the xylem is restricted. Foliar feeding allows for segregating those nutrients which can be directly taken-up directly by their target organs inside the leaf structure. This eliminates the foliar applied from the formulation applied to the roots. Now the root-to-shoot competition is dramatically reduced. Those nutrients used in foliar are not present in the root feeding formulation.  So top and bottom feeding allows more nutrients overall, which allows faster growth. The internal bottlenecks are gone, and you have faster cloning.

Nano Technology

This is a line of nutrient performance enhancers the we will be selling on a white label basis.

Storage Rack for Seedling Trays

Seedling producers will have the ability to store seeded trays ready to propagate with 5,400 seeds on 36’ x 60’ footprint rolling rack. This is based on 50 cells, 10’ x 20’ seedling trays for 300 seeded trays per shelf and 18 shelves per rack.


[1] Ed Rosenthal, High Times column ‘Ask Ed’

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