The emergence of CBG as a potential additional hemp product is something Industrial Hemp farmers should start to monitor. CBG isolate has commanded some interesting prices of late, but as for now the supply of CBG is quite limited and the demand side the market for CBG is still in its infancy. So, it remains to be seen, but if demand continues to grow faster than supply, we could have a very profitable additional market for our hemp.

But, first let us look at the technical side to understand the roll this interesting cannabinoid plays in hemp.

So, what is Cannabigerol? As hemp begins to flower trichomes start to cover the forming buds. The trichomes fill with the first cannabinoid to be produced. This is cannabigerol. All subsequent cannabinoids are produced from CBG, so it is commonly called the mother of all cannabinoids. Both THC and CBD are produced from CBG via enzymatic reactions. It is the ratio of these enzymes that the plant produces that control the amounts of THC versus CBD that the plant produces. If a strain of hemp is a high CBG producer, then it is producing lower amounts of these enzymes. Controlling these enzymes by selective breeding or other more advanced techniques can give us more CBD, CBG and even keep THC minimized.

Currently, researchers have identified about 150 cannabinoids and this number keeps rising as time goes on. Consequential interest in cannabinoids such as cannabidivarin and cannabichromine (CBC) continue to engender advanced investigations at both academic and pharmacological institutions.

On the Nutraceutical/Homeopathic front, sophisticated products such as purified full plant extract (only excipient biomass removed) offer the full, natural ‘entourage’ effect. These full or whole plant products are inherently compliant with the “G. A. S.” (Generally Accepted as Safe) standards.

As new health products derived from high quality hemp continue to appear in the marketplace and additional therapeutic cannabinoids are identified, we will see continued growing demand.

From: Zephyr Consulting

By: Captain Cannaguru